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慢慢地这份爱悄悄地住下来 深深的在心里没人看得出来
安静的 但却一直都在 是你默默的爱

Saturday, September 19, 2009

600 days

Hello earthlings.
today is the 600th day we get together.

I'm just posting some pictures as I don't know what to write in this post.

We knew each other in year 2006,where we got the same result in PMR and got into the same class,that is 4S9. We become a group of good friends somewhere in the middle of the year and started to eat,chat and play together. In year 2007,we were not in the same class but we kept our friendships closed together. January of year 2008,thats when we get together.

My first present from him.

My first drawing from him.(coloured using paint)

Our first photo together as couple.

2008 CNY

2008 Valentine's day together with the guy behind

2008 March,heading to QB

Skating =)

2008 May,sakae sushi

2008 May,Bukit Merah

2008 June,the day we started our distance love.

2008 August,with this cute BayBay.

2008 October.

2009 CNY

2009 March.

2009 May,fishmarket.

2009 August,secret recipe.

distance love is hard especially for dependent type like me,but we still maintain our relations well. I'm glad we do.

I love you!
waiting for you right here.
waiting for October.

This is the drawing I love the most.

you are my supermarket. =P

xoxo Jen xoxo

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Holiday~

Halo~ my dear, long time do not write something new in this blog already...
Sorry, because I really very very busy, hehe!
Almost 1 week I have reached Melaka, really very miss you
I still can't get use to my Melaka life without you~

I still remember the last day we met at Saturday...
I did not had good mood in the morning, because you watched drama until very late at the night before
I still remember on the way I fetched you to tuition centre, we both are just keep quiet until you reached tuition centre
You walked into tuition class slowly, I knew you are not happy also...

I feel so sorry and regret when I driving back alone...
That day was the last day we can meet each other, I didn't give you warm hug but a black face, I blame myself...
Luckily, we still have a few hours to date after your tuition class
Every thing was settled in that few hours, and sweeter, warmer than before ;p

My dear, although now we are seperated by distance for a few months
But you have to wait for me, your Ah Bad is going to turn into a new leaf (keat than before, haha)
Always remember to visit here, don't forget we still want to write down our sweet memory here and show off to our children, grand children, grand grand children...
I always have a nice holiday since I meet you, and...

I love you~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My very bad Bibi,JEN

520 520 520!!!
What do 520 mean? In chinese, 520 mean "我爱你"
But for me, for her, it is not simple like this three words...
520 is path of our memories, like she says, every moment of us contain a lot of happiness, sadness, but mostly is...siao-ness, haha!

I really receive her wish at 1st of July, I'm so surprised
It is so excited when I'm going to tear off the envelope...wow wow wow...
The 1st thing i saw was a big big durian!! No doubt, it just a picture, haha!
But I'm still happy too, because she really send me a "durian" as i told her i very miss durian

The card is very nice, just like the previous article she posted
Then i read what she writes for me, the contents are these:
Bla bla bla...bla bla bla...bla bla bla...bla bla bla...520!
Haha, really want catch this bad Bibi come kiss ler, make me so happy

I know my bad Bi pays a lot to our relationship
I also know my Bi loves me very very very much
I also miss you very very very much
I know you are waiting me, wait me wait me!I will be back soon!

1st of July is the 520th day we have been together
And I know we still got a lot of 520
520 centuries, 520 years, 520 months, 520,000,000,000,000...days!
Thank you,my Bi for the card, the wish and the heart...I love you!Muakz!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

520 520!

The days we have been together..
there are happiness,sadness,siao-ness.....aiya,every single moment with you is very precious.

and for 1st of July,the 520th day we have been together,I have made you a card.

HAPPY 520th DAY!!


xoxo Jen xoxo

Friday, June 12, 2009

I will miss you...

Sob...time flies, I will stay in my lovely Penang for 2 days more only,
after that,I will be back to the "sien sien" Malacca again...

Just now my dear told me that she feels that her heart very messy,
feels like many things want to do...and also forget many things...
She says that want open school already, her brother go back to Cyber Jaya already and...
I also want go back Malacca already

Don't know how to say the feeling but I know she feels very worry...
many things she loves look like all disappear at once suddenly
Oh...my pity dear, don't worry, you still got your friends, your family, my family
and me in your heart...neh,the deepest part there, hehe

2 weeks really not enough leh,
I still got many meals did not cook for my dear, I still got many places did not go with my dear
I sitll got many things did not play, talk and do with my dear dear gok leh...
I still want hug hug you, kiss you ,kuci you and cubit your face gok leh, my "guai lan" dear

Maybe it's time for my dear to prepare her schoolwork already,
STPM is getting near and near, must concentrate study already, don't always play play har,
and don't pressure yourself too much ok?Relax relax relax...
Give me a call when you feel stress, or sms me, I will be here and waiting for you any time

My dear, take care yourself well ok?400 more km is not the real distance...
our real distance is my heart got you and your heart got me...
and we both also understand that we love each other very very much
Our heart 365 days also sticked together, where got distance?Right? :)

Penang, don't miss me too much...because I will be back very very very soon, haha!
I love you, Jen!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my xian dan.

The day you went to melacca.

for our future,
we both must work hard together,
exam coming real soon,
add oil ya my dear.

If you get 1st class,
I'll buy ice cream for u!

If you don't,
you know it.
don't try to smile at me!

But I'll still love you,
my Teddy~

have to work hard har!
for the sake of your gundum collection
and my barbie,begs,heels and cosmetic~
bluek! =P

xoxo Jen xoxo

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I hate you at this moment!

you made me miss him like hell.
you took away the shoulder I lay on.
you snatched the hands that hold me tight.
you blocked the hug for me.
you just made me miss him,
like hell.

faster come back...

xoxo Jen xoxo

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