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慢慢地这份爱悄悄地住下来 深深的在心里没人看得出来
安静的 但却一直都在 是你默默的爱

Saturday, September 19, 2009

600 days

Hello earthlings.
today is the 600th day we get together.

I'm just posting some pictures as I don't know what to write in this post.

We knew each other in year 2006,where we got the same result in PMR and got into the same class,that is 4S9. We become a group of good friends somewhere in the middle of the year and started to eat,chat and play together. In year 2007,we were not in the same class but we kept our friendships closed together. January of year 2008,thats when we get together.

My first present from him.

My first drawing from him.(coloured using paint)

Our first photo together as couple.

2008 CNY

2008 Valentine's day together with the guy behind

2008 March,heading to QB

Skating =)

2008 May,sakae sushi

2008 May,Bukit Merah

2008 June,the day we started our distance love.

2008 August,with this cute BayBay.

2008 October.

2009 CNY

2009 March.

2009 May,fishmarket.

2009 August,secret recipe.

distance love is hard especially for dependent type like me,but we still maintain our relations well. I'm glad we do.

I love you!
waiting for you right here.
waiting for October.

This is the drawing I love the most.

you are my supermarket. =P

xoxo Jen xoxo

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